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TV-channel marketing
Marketing + Distribution
The long-term success of a television channel on the market depends on the constant and local marketing and distribution background. Beside these it should have unique and outstanding contents.

This is particularly important in case the channel wants to build an appropriate market position on a foreign market which differs from it's home country.

The most effective way to achieve your goals with a joint marketing and distribution team is:
  • building adequate coverage
  • increase views
  • increase revenues: program fees + advertising rates
Our company offers marketing and distribution services in one package but there is a possibility of course to chose these services separately, as well.

We provide a local marketing and sales department with continuous contacts for the TV-channels

Our Method:
  • • In case of foreign production - channels which broadcast non-local produced contents - the central element of our marketing strategy is the so-called "Localization". This means to find and activate the local customer segments, relevant professional groups and organizations, and the media. Finding the groups which are sensitive for topics of the TV-channel.
  • We help the market entry with background analysis (for example: market and competition analysis, determine sales potential), we negotiate the program contracts.
  • Marketing support of the distribution activity is treated as a priority area.
  • The channel is positioned to the local market. We identify the unique selling points.
  • We develop a unique marketing and PR strategy which is built on the thematic of the channel. In case of niche channels we involve a specialist into the marketing and PR activity.
  • We create the annual sales, marketing and action plan which satisfy the corporate requirements and meet targets ( adaption + integration of local features)
  • We develop proposals for product development ( eg.: devising VOD contents)
  • We organize and ensure the continuous availability of detailed information about the program: program magazines (print, online), EPG and media.
  • We develop a content-based cooperation with the media and with profession.
  • We develop relevant professional cooperation partnership with trade associations and with events.
  • We organize the continuous marketing communications of the channel.
  • Due to our professional background we are aware of the needs and expectations of local television providers and build them into marketing activities.
  • We organize joint campaigns and activities with the operators.
  • Our marketing and sales work is characterized by proactivity and self-sufficiency, there are complex reportings available for our clients. ( planning – operational work, subscribers' numbers, program packages)
  • We analize continously the subscribers' data (subscribers' numbers, program packages).
  • We monitor the changes of the local environmental regulations and make proposals for necessary measures and modifications.
  • Our distribution team keeps regular contact with cable associations and with key account customers.
Other advantages:
  • We don't have any TV-channels in our own production, therefore we can focus on the products of our customers.
  • In our portfolio there aren't competing TV-channels.
  • We have experience both on the cable provider side and the programm provider side. This is great advantage for a TV-channel at the entry for a new market to reach the ideal coverage and get the best prices.
  • We have many kinds of professional references, relevant professional awards and appreciations.
  • We offer a complex marketing and distribution system.
Our areas/fields of activity:
Supplying full range of marketing activites of thematic television channels from strategic planning to the operational activities.

Complete distribution activities.