marketing kiszervezés / outsourcing
Marketing outsourcing/ Ideal expert marketing team – cost-effective
In today's unpredictable economic climate, the companies are looking for innovative solutions to the problems of how to develop their marketing activities and thereby their competitiveness under continuous market changes beside budget reduction. The smart companies are aware of the fact that they can't stop their marketing activities, especially not if they think in long-term. Yet, what can be done if the management knows that marketing is necessary, but financial resources are scarce, the available expertise is not adequate, and so the company can't properly focus on this area?
The answer is: marketing outsourcing

Marketing outsourcing is not a luxury but a necessity. Corporate marketing departments are getting smaller, while more and more specialized tasks should be given.

The marketing outsourcing companies have created new business prospects, and offer a fresh, innovative marketing approach.
The advantages of marketing outsourcing are the following:
1. Expertise/ professional colleagues in every subfield
Marketing is becoming more complicated as more and more specific areas should be efficiently operated in a way that the various parallel regions are to be part of a well-functioning whole: product development, media (online, offline), communication programs. In-house expertise in all areas is very difficult, to find an appropriate specialist, and properly coordinate the work of each area, not to mention the cost effectiveness expectations.

2. Cost reduction!
Your company doesn't have to hire new employee(s) for marketing tasks. Simply outsource it to a specialist! There are no hidden costs (recruiting, trainings, office, telecommunication, employee benefits). The cost of outsourcing is a fraction of the costs of employment.

3. Fresh approach - new perspectives
The outsourcing gives the oppurtinities for an independent team of experts to explain the new perspectives to the management. Strategic approach, strategic planning and creative expertise, that's what outsourcing offers to your company.

4. The management can focus on the basic competencies and put the emphasis on the main business-related tasks.
The management will have more time for different important fields. For example more time for the sales team and to map the customers' needs. These key information help to determine the strengths and to reduce risks, improve the return on investment, thereby creating more effective marketing programs.